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    Download our entire 2016 line up, Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. You won't be disappointed with the feature articles, amazing women, teens & entrepreneurs featured in each issue.
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    In this issue get to know the woman behind the Sacrit Movement, Nyeesha D. Williams. Meet our "Extra-ordinary Student & catch up with Miss NaNa. Find out what it's like being "Black in corporate America" an end depth 2-part article by CW McCoy MSW, and much more!
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    Our Celebration of Women concludes with an exclusive inside look into The Sisterhood Extravaganza & the woman behind it all. Meet a few women who are really making a difference with their businesses. Inside this issue, writer Aquiah Ma'at takes us into a very personal, dark part of her family history. Support the movement! ‪#‎IKNOWSOMEONE
    “I sat in my car and wept; tears that flowed from the deepest part of my soul. I wept for her mostly. You see, I could live with my stories. I had found a way to turn them into my strength and not my tragedy, but would she? Would she be able to transcend this family curse? More importantly, why should she have to? Had I failed her? I screamed, a curdling scream that scratched its way out of 30 years of silence. A sound that even to myself was shocking. I should have screamed sooner. I realized in that moment that it was the space inside of the silence that had made room for this to happen, yet again.” (That is an excerpt from my book, “Deviance. Transcending a Family Curse”. A book that I knew I had to write after learning that one of my abusers, my brother, had abused our niece. She was the 15 year old daughter of our deceased brother. I could no longer be silent) 60% of all Black women are raped, molested, or otherwise sexually assaulted before they are 18. (Usually by men they love and trust.) Sit with that for a moment. In fact go back and read it again. Don’t worry I’ll wait…
  • We’re so excited to release our Spring issue! We have some AMAZING Women Founded non-profit organizations we would love for you to know about. .   25% of each magazine sold is donated to our  EXTRAORDINARY STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND.
  • Our Summer 2016 issue is packed with amazing articles ranging from racial issues, personal struggles & of course articles to motivate you.
  • Premier print issue featuring Shannon Rucker, business owner Gina Walker & C.R. McCoy MSW of Detroit. Debuting the Beautiful Soldiers comic series by Lashawn Colvin & many more.
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    Extraordinary Student of the Year! Aarian Simmons Highlighting this years high school senior that has continuously excelled academically and in sports.
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    HHH Magazine™ Fall 2016 issue on sale 11/2/16! Featuring Ms. Arizona Woman & Your Brand Ambassador, Christina D Wagner, Roshan Spottsville, Nurse Manouchcar. Amazing coverage of the 2016 iSPA convention coverage, amazing articles & more!!
  • It's that time of year again where we introduce you to some amazing students doing extraordinary things in school, home & the community. Meet our Extraordinary Student of the Year, Ayla Watts & many more!