Young Marqus, aka “YM”, is a child prodigy, poised to be a new and exciting breath of fresh air in the Music Industry. At the youthful age of 10, Young Marqus instantly garnered the respect of industry veterans such as Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B who allowed him to be the opening act during their recent STEPPIN LASER Tour. Most Recently, Lupe Fiasco endorsed YM’s talent by posting YM’s “Words I Never Said”(cover) along with words of respect and appreciation on his social media sites as well as his blog, The LupEND Blog, driving fans from all over the world to become instant fans of Young Marqus. Young Marqus has also been featured on popular Hip-Hop Blogs such as “World Star Hip Hop” and “This Is 50”.

Young Marqus has spent the past year and a half putting his talent and magic to pen and paper, writing over 9 covers and a multitude of original tracks. With the release of his website,, 9 cover tracks, 1 original song, 1 freestyle and6 EPK’s to date, Young Marqus has gained attention and interest,unequivocal to the magnitude of his future potential in the Music World, guaranteed to incite worldwide pandemonium and attract new fans of all ages.

Born in Houston, Texas on December 29, 1999 to a teenage single mother, who is also a very talented singer/rapper, in her own right, you could say that Marqus was raised by hip-hop. As a baby, Marqus was often on his mother’s hip in the recording studio or with his beloved Grandmother, also an avid music lover, so it was no surprise when Marqus learned to rap before he could talk. Music became his primary form of expression.

As Marqus has grown up, he and his mother have endured many ups and downs in their lives together and were forced to confront severe financial hardships along the way. Where most would lose hope and succumb to the pressure of the many challenges life throws at you, Marqus became inspired and encouraged by his mothers example. He quickly learned to cope through his music, expressing himself and channeling his perseverance through these hardships, even during the worst of times. During an especially trying period, Marqus and his mother were homeless; living in their car with nothing but a garbage bag to shield them from the gaping hole in the convertible roof. Marqus and his mother somehow found a way to escape their dismal reality by playing instrumental tracks on the car stereo and free styling, back and forth, with each other. To date, Marqus credits the struggles he and his mother successfully endured together in helping him hone his brilliant skills and providing the motivation he put forth in earning his merit as an Honor Student at his School.

The accumulation of life experiences Marqus has overcome by his young age of 11, have given him a maturity and poise that is well beyond his years. His persona and presence sets him apart from any other Artist, let alone child, of his age. The talent of Young Marqus is undeniable and is growing into an enjoyment of music lovers throughout the World. Any and all who have ever thought that hip-hop is dead, are about to learn that it has been re-born in YM: The Future…



1. What’s your name?

Young Marqus



2. Who are you?

A young inspiring entertainer, don’t get me wrong rap is my passion i breath it but i feel i can do anything i put my mind to i want to be able to explore it all musically and on the big screen because the best is yet to come.



3. Where are you from & where do you currently live?

Houston, Texas and this where i currently live.


Now let’s get into why you chose a career in music:

1. What/who are your influences?

First what’s going on around me, and artists like JAY Z , LIL WAYNE , EMINEM, KANYE WEST , and of course LUPE FIASCO.



2. What is your motivation?

I believe that struggle motivates me to keep going, and GOD motivates me to do my best at all times.



3. When did you know for a certainty that this is the career for you?

The first time i performed at the house of blues with Lupe for the Steppin Laser Tour the crowd loved me and i knew then that was it.



4. A lot of artists today are clearly in this industry for the love of money, what makes you different from them?

Its the American dream to do what u love and get paid for it, of course i love money who doesn’t but when i rhyme it comes from my heart, and its what i love to do,………Rap.



5. What advice were you given when you chose to become an artist? From whom?

I was always told i had true God given talent every since i was 4 years old my mom and my grandma made me believe it. My mom use to say u can be whatever you want to be just make sure your the best at it.




6. If there were 3 legends in the industry that you could have on speed dial whom would they be & why?

Tupac, B.I.G, and Ice Cube, because they were true mc’s, and they spoke about whats real,of course Ice Cube was a gangster rapper but why was it called that because he talked about what he knew and saw. Tupac talked about everything from politics to females but it was real and B.I.G. He just let you know how fly he was and how much he loved himself no matter what and i feel i can relate to all three…. Gotta love um




Really picking your brain now:


1. What are your thoughts on the direction of Hip-Hop today?

It’s not real anymore people seem to go with whatever is hot at the time nothing is authentic



2. Do you think that some of the music today lack originality & creativity? 

Yes because a lot of artist have to do what they are told not what they feel



3. What do you think it will take to take Hip-Hop back to it’s roots?

I feel artist should study the real mc’s of the game and learn what originality is all about, i know I’m young but i love good music its my life. Hip-Hop is not just music its knowledge



4. Do you think it’s possible?

Yes, production has a lot to do with bringing out great lyrics and plus now the industry has me…



Projects past, present & future: As


1. What are you working on now?

Im currently working on my mix tape, which is dropping at the end of this, and my album. Hope everybody enjoys it.



2. Can you tell us some of the artists & projects you enjoyed working with/on?

I really enjoyed working with Erica Gluck. She is really cool and humble… I look forward to working with other artist in the future.