Tears Behind My Smile

Tears Behind My Smile


Excerpt from the book…….

Chapter #1

The First Meeting


They left the restaurant around 10 P.M. and arrived back at the hotel about 10:30 P.M.  As they rode the elevator, Nalia noticed that they did not stop on the fourth floor, where she knew the room was, so she asked, “Where are we going?” just wait, you’ll see.  They reached the top floor and walked out of the elevator to the penthouse suite, I reserved it while I was waiting for you to get ready I hope you don’t mind.  Mind, hell no, I love it.  Vanilla candles lighted the room, (her favorite scent) there was a note sitting on the table next to one of the candles and it was addressed to Nalia.  “What’s this?” she said, open it and you will find out.  As she began to open the card, Blackey started taking off his jacket and sat on the sofa smiling.  Nalia began to read the card, “A yellow rose means joy & friendship.  You bring me more joy than I ever imagined possible, you are my best friend, follow the yellow pedals to your next clue” she smiled, took off her shoes, and looked back at Blackey he was still smiling.  She followed the yellow pedals and saw another card on the balcony next to a glass of champagne, she grabbed the glass and took a sip, then read the card, it read: “A pink rose means, you are gentle, graceful, lovely, perfect happiness, please believe me.

You are all the things that and everything I need in my life, follow the pink pedals to your next clue.”  She began to cry, and followed the pink pedals to the bedroom, where on the bed was a white and red rose with a big teddy bear holding a card.  She read the card and it said: “A white rose means purity, worthy, you’re heavenly, secrecy and silence, and red means I love you and red & white together means unity.  Need I say more? Now dry your eyes and meet me on the sofa.

Nalia dried her eyes and picked up the teddy bear and squeezed him tight and walked to the front room where Blackey was sitting with a card that read: “WILL YOU MARRY ME Nalia?”  He was holding a little blue box (she immediately knew it was from Tiffany’s), inside was a flawless 6-carat Princess cut ring set in pure platinum, she said, “Blackey before I give you my answer we really need to talk.”  Nalia grabbed his hands and began to look down and said to him, if you still want to marry me after I tell you what I have to tell you, then the answer is yes, but please hear me out first, this is very difficult for me.  Blackey told her that nothing she had to say would change what I know is in my heart; she put her finger on his lips and said, “Please just listen to me.”  She took a deep breath and began her tale.


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