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Heidi Gomez Payton is a publicist that is based on the west coast, California to be exact. Heidi is known for her own image as “Heidi Glam or Glam Nerd”, but most call her “HP” for short. The most professional and energetic publicist many have encountered; Heidi built Go Beyond Public Relations independently and has been operating for a year. “This year I have learned valuable lessons on how to manage my business; many of the lessons have not come easy, I appreciate that. This way I know these lessons will stick with me”, Says HP.

Working in the entertainment industry had its perks for Heidi as she was given the opportunity to try several hats from production assistant, to assistant to producer of BET talk show “Oh Drama” (starring Kim Whitely, Vanessa Bell- Calloway, and Julissa Marquez), and many award show positions. After working in the limelight of Hollywood beginning at age seventeen, she decided to go to school for public relations.

“Working in music-television, I had tons of connections and nothing useful to do with them. Instantly I believed I should become an artist manager, later to find out that was not my calling.”

Only a year later the PR calling came about for Heidi. “I was turning twenty-three when enrolled in school; I had direction at that time. After working various hats in television production, I was able to decide what was fit for me”, says Heidi is the founder of Go Beyond Public Relations who found her “niche” after briefly speaking with the at the time publicist for Lil Kim, while a full wardrobe stage rehearsal for the Source Hip Hop Award Show (the famous 2001 Pasadena, CA. show). Bells began to ring after later doing the research for public relations and understanding that career was a perfect match for her gift with communication. After graduating May 2009 and creating “Glam Newz” online popular culture magazine (under construction).  Heidi was approached by her first wave of clients. Providing retainer and project-based clients a complete range of services to increase awareness and effectively establish brands in the marketplace among select media, celebrities, and desired consumers. GBPR services include branding strategies, day to day media relations, celebrity product gifting, SEO ranking, interview booking, sponsorships, casting, video reel, EPK, media kits, among many other attributes.

Throughout the first year Heidi has built a foundation for GBPR and its clients while managing to remain loving, energetic, and a positive power publicist. “The foundation I am continuing to build begins with me. I am largely believing in what energy you give out you will receive, more so since I have been in business. Talk less about problems and more about solutions. Speaking what you want, rather than the possibilities of unwanted outcomes.”

Don’t think public relations is her only fulfillment, Heidi has no plans to put her pen away. Heidi does still take her creativity to the music-television production background here and there. In fact, she has just finished writing a script for a pretty big award show to take place October 2012 in Los Angeles, CA





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