The Essence by Hellz Yea!

///The Essence by Hellz Yea!

The Essence by Hellz Yea!

The Essence by Hellz Yea! & Dj Mousetrap

When I saw the cover to Hellz Yea! & Dj Moustrap’s new cd, I was blown away! The symbolism behind the images are thought provoking and unapologetic to his beliefs. It draws you in making you want to press play to hear the knowledge that lies within.

I was not disappointed at all, Hellz didn’t just deliver track after track of pure fire; he OVER delivered! His tone and the way he pours his soul into every track will have you hooked and on repeat for hours. It’s as if you’re right in the studio with him witnessing him breathe life into each and every track.

If you’re a lover of “great” music like me, where you need it to fuel your every move; The Essence will surely fuel you for hours. I found myself putting on a continuous repeat while working yesterday then again today. The entire cd is worthy of a few listens however there are a few tracks that really stood out to me.

I love the last lines of the hook in track #19-Thank You God where Hellz says…”You better cool your adrenaline or feel the power of my melanin!” If you could’ve seen my reaction when I heard this line, it gave me LIFE do you hear me! I want it on a shirt to wear everyday!!!!! The artists that are featured with Hellz also do not disappoint, it’s like they’re the dessert & he’s the main course. You will surely be fulfilled after listening to this cd.


Hellz Yea! Will ALWAYS be among my Top 5 of Unsigned & Independent Artists.

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