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Yo Vega Ink’s Own
Chrizz Holmes The G-Child



Chrizz Holmes born in Louisville, Kentucky, but L-Town raised him; that’s Lawton, Oklahoma. Chrizz had it rough from birth. Growing up without a mother, being raised by his grandmother, and a father who was there but basically non-existent, Chrizz felt his only guidance was the streets. In Junior High School, Chrizz began rapping with some of his best friends, that’s when he realized his love and talent for making music. But temptation got the best of him. He was in and out of trouble and getting into any action he could. By the time he was 16, he was sent off the Little Rock, Arkansas, where he quickly embraced the gang banging lifestyle. He had to get away. He later left and took his journey to Louisiana where he was able to get in touch with the mother he hasn’t known or seen in over 16 years. While on his journey, he got to witness, experience, and embrace many people’s stories which inspired him and made him fall back in love with his true calling; his music.

Now residing in Kansas City, Missouri where he reunited with his mother and got to bond with his other side of his family, he also met and formed a great bond with girlfriend and business partner Santina Vega and her brother, Rico Ricardo where they birthed Yo Vega Ink, LLC. His grind has not decreased. He’s done numerous shows and events, opening up for major artists such as: Young Bleed, Lil Flip, Brother Lynch Hung, The Lox, and more. Also, with the help of his extended family Ms. FeFe (N.A.B.), he required a digital distribution deal through Sony Music and Rhino Silver Entertainment and is now being pushed and promoted worldwide. Stay tuned for what’s next from Chrizz Holmes, Yo Vega Ink, and Mixed Understood Muzic. All he knows is how to grind and go get it!

 For more info on Chrizz Holmes check out:

Twitter: @ChrizzHolmez

Facebook: @Chris.Holmes60

Instagram: @Chris.Holmes60

YouTube: Yo Vega Ink T.V

Written by: Ms. FeFe

HHH Magazine 2015

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