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Reviews of albums, all reviews are the sole opinion of HHH Magazine, these are NOT paid reviews but honest opinions of the music received. If you would like your music to be reviewed, please mail us a drop-box link with music/artwork/DL links that you would like included in review to:

Each album will be accompanied by our “Clef Note” rating, 5 red clefs signify that it’s a MUST LISTEN, a 4 red clef rating signifies that it’s a worthy listen, 3 red clef rating= mediocre, 2 red clef rating= not so much, 1 red clef rating= try again

Females Got Bars vol 1 Mixtape

I must admit that I haven't listened to a mixtape in a while let alone an all female mixtape but the Females Got Bars vol 1 mixtape is packed with lyrical content that will have you asking yourself "are these women?"  Yea, it's that good, from the 1st track to the last!  Like I always [...]

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Cold Duck by Tina E. Clark ft. Giampiero Scuderi

It's like medicine for your soul, with just the right dosage of each instrument. Now available on iTunes! (click photo to purchase) I have to be honest, I have known Tina for a couple of years now & I am always anxiously awaiting her next release and this one does not disappoint at all!  I [...]

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F.E.M.A. Album Review

What can I say, this album is a must listen.  The beats are on point, the lyrical content is great, the sound quality is also on point.  With 18 tracks you can't really go wrong, it's hard to pick out just 1 favorite track.. I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive an album to [...]

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Greater Than Album Review

      What can I say, 14 tracks & honestly each 1 is packed with lyrical content that needed to be said.  Of course there are some tracks that are good but then there are some tracks that I absolutely love!  If you like the commercialized music of today then this album isn't for [...]

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