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HHH Magazine would like to celebrate Books! Every month we will choose a book to read, we encourage you all to purchase the book and read along with us. Let’s not just read the books but also discuss & share our opinions of the book, the author and what ever else pertaining to that book. There are several ways to read books available to us, the traditional ways which are hard cover or paperback & Kindle, which ever method you chose is completely up to you.

Tears Behind My Smile

Excerpt from the book....... Chapter #1 The First Meeting   They left the restaurant around 10 P.M. and arrived back at the hotel about 10:30 P.M.  As they rode the elevator, Nalia noticed that they did not stop on the fourth floor, where she knew the room was, so she asked, “Where are we going?” [...]

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One Drop Too White

    This months book comes from a young author by the name of Micheal Mosley (@IAmMikeMose).  "One Drop Too White" boldly delves into one of the most taboo topics facing black America today. It is a true, modern story of timeless issues that transcend social classes, race, and gender. The reader will be beckoned [...]

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