Inside the Spring 2015 digital issue….

We are so please to announce that you can now purchase your copy of HHH Magazine both in print & on your favorite mobile device as a digital issue via Magzter!           Click the image below to purchase a digital copy        

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Tears Behind My Smile

Excerpt from the book....... Chapter #1 The First Meeting   They left the restaurant around 10 P.M. and arrived back at the hotel about 10:30 P.M.  As they rode the elevator, Nalia noticed that they did not stop on the fourth floor, where she knew the room was, so she asked, “Where are we going?” [...]

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        Yo Vega Ink's OwnChrizz Holmes The G-Child @ChrizzHolmez CHRIZZ HOLMES Chrizz Holmes born in Louisville, Kentucky, but L-Town raised him; that’s Lawton, Oklahoma. Chrizz had it rough from birth. Growing up without a mother, being raised by his grandmother, and a father who was there but basically non-existent, Chrizz felt his [...]

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