Our Approach

We believe in allowing real people to be heard in their own voice without censoring them or limiting them.

Our Story

HHH Magazine™ started with a vision just like anything else in the world.  Recovering from an illness and a cross country move I found myself spending a lot of time online.  Being a lover and a fan of music as well as being a former promoter and manager of artists, I decided to create a magazine.  I could utilize my love of music and combine it with my love of assisting people who didn’t have the large budget that most industry artists had.  In the spring of 2009 HHHMagazine.com was created and launched.  I didn’t hesitate to use the tools in which I had in front of me, which were my computer and social media.

I began advertising my magazine and seeking talent to feature on my website such as Thisis50.com, Twitter and Facebook.  Pretty soon my inbox was full of requests from unsigned and independent artists looking to get featured on my site.  Here I am 9 years later with over 58 countries visiting the site and having launched my very 1st printed issue in March 2015 and the digital version via Magzter.com in May.

HHH Magazine™ is the 1st of many publications that will be published via HHH Publishing LLC.

Lisa Marie Stringer

Founder & CEO

Lisa Marie started HHH Publishing LLC in January of 2009, the 1st product launched was HHH Magazine in May 2009. Founded as a magazine that would give a voice to the unsigned & independent musicians that otherwise did not have a voice, HHH Magazine was a true contender against the current hip-hop magazines of its day.

Assistant Editor

Riley Lenore